HK Bombshell Erupts, Corn to Stocks 6Day Blast
Alan Palmer of - - Wed Jun 12, 10:54AM CDT

All opinions rumors news fake lies levels and a few necklines in commodities today.

What did USDA say? Who cares its game on corn and we respectfully sold that rally. Always have a stop to stop risk and keep bet small. 20% swings are everywhere. In months sometimes days.

Look at hogs still in free fall. I do have levels I say we stand.

(H&S breakouts this am in SX SMN) Stocks rallied 80% back in 6 days? ! Buckle Up again.

Where are all the hog bulls?

What's an olive worth? Give me a call,GrainCZ452

READING CHARTS- WHAT TO LOOK AT? yes the lines but see if we travel from some up to others fast, say in a bar or five. You place your stop if your a pro, or you, above or below those lines. Leave the lines to me. This is my studies. If you want to learn to draw lines like these, let me know or go to Nasdog.

Hogs locked limit down then bounced half way back?.

You guys did want to buy hogs a few months ago more, than 20% higher didn't you?

By way, fut at 80, 120call=2.00 which means hogs would have to go up 50% and YOUR ONLY AT THE MONEY!

Holy cow is that expensive. Get it? Futures in my opinion give better bang for buck.

Yeah you need good levels for sure but 50c bets now make sense.

You have to have some sort of feel. I supply levels like olb 3.66 cz, or spy 2909 old lickity split in 6mofu days up!.

That was good top picker.

Stocks like corn can both explode higher if the game changes. I think you step off or sell short at my areas. Give me a call for live levels when you need an olive and we can work something out.

I working on trading floor with 7000 people I am sure if you need service you'll like what you see on the charts. This is for day traders.

So did PPT start bond short cover, now stocks to puuch up stocks.

We have only been at these levels about 12 weeks ever folks, this am we slip back but something is going to give.

China War? Yep. HK tear gas demonstrations, violence today.

Gold a buy? Give me a call as I'm long more trading ideas that make sense as we head into a different political arena, if you will.

This is public which means it needs to be balanced even though that's not what most of US, might be described.

Buy corn lower. At least we got a USDA report that acted bullish. Important? Why?

Are you interested in a slightly differ approach? Using my charts where important levels sit way off mkt and happen to hold a # of times.

So you speculate not using charts just based off your feel? Do you try to use money management when trading? If not I want to waa arn you that trading real individual money is stressful enough.

How can you tell me your long term hog bull and here we are from back to where we took off from, THIS YEAR ONLY.

Maybe your looking at the dumbest down charts that now hide information, and data most importantly.

Even CQG guys can come up with different olives, tls whatever if not using tweaked data that took me 10 years to find. It makes sense to me money managers would use this line of thought process.

That's what I have for you and each trader is different right?

So if you have pro software we start there, a brain drop.

If you have some dough and new, 2nd job,? And want to skip to what a guy that grew up on the floor (rule live corn) that talked with hundreds of other like-types then join my site. What do you pay your sports bet handicapper for point spreads?

Sept 6calls up 24 times low tick? Gambling now is ruined for human bettors. It's exactly like HFT.

Technology is cannibalizing all human opportunity.

Another trader reason why you must use a stop and like to take small unemotional loses.

If you want to be a Pro Trader.

I really want to say,

To Stay In The Game.

Anyone interested in candlestick lessons? What to use?

How to draw. What matters? What not. Elliot Wave private reading in your product by John Lunney, expert Pro option CME trader.

We will do and get it to you.

Look at his hog call of complicated mumbo jumbo.

We are still in free fall. I grew very concerned when all so geared up bullish at that tiny old like FC today.

That trade was over last weeks hi then back under. I try to teach that for free here. Those are Pro traders trades that offer good bang 4buck.

Anyway I have buy levels all different months. Each month goes to extremes squeezing spreads or front month FUND LONGS in LH $22 Over Feb Now WHERE IS SPREAD?

I said this is how futures steal the premium. This is actually kind of private but good discussion.

Did US Steel rally 20% in a weekish? The olive line hurts the most.

For guys that called last few weeks? Let's chat again. With 20% moves you may want to sharpen your price levels in panic markets. That's what I illuminate on my paid chart levels. These are teasers. Check out the real goods.

Let's talk.

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