Stocks, Hogs Slip, Buy One, Sell Other?
Alan Palmer of - - Thu Feb 07, 2:16PM CST

All rumors news and not, broken politics, opinions and a few ideas in today's futures markets.

UK B Pound. This appears so much about nothing except EU telling the old Kingdom NO. Ireland wall issue there too, everywhere really. Israel building new Wall. It's a buzzword from Ranchers to Washington. Ireland trade, ($2b) no value is exported meaning it matters little. But it's big deal breaker for EU?


UK biz is hot. Building etc but here's the rub and its back in my news feed.

TV talking heads today again hyping British Pound lower 128 handle but just off all clear over 130. I brought this up last time before a bounce. Do we print an OLB?

Flippantly spoken we are going down to an olive buy extreme.

I search conditions -- that I believe (OL Bandits) Algos push the mkt ONE WAY FAST. LH diamonds flashing on close. It's deep.

That is my action. Bubba tells me in old days he didn't even know what kind of corn or wheat he was trading. #3, or hard.

Get it? Now think here for you smart guys that would play,

if you had something that tracked Extremes and conditions that gave you a fair shot at not only the Methodology of why to buy sharp measured breaks, for bounces,

But sometimes these long term, very similar patterns occur.

How about this live example in HOGS live to downside. OLB caught in G, split another BUT (live)

That is either the bottom or we run lower fast. Reason for stops is STOP RISK, right?

I think Hog longs are going through my "despised trade." Notice todays low. This is live. I want to, different back months, certain extreme levels, buy hogs lower. Open orders should be working, and are. IF. Ask your guy for color, then call me.

When I say buy you don't even want to hear buy hogs for a 15% rally, maybe more.

Ray Dalio ($7-15B AUM) made 14% last year in commodities.

He said something on Bloom about the same patterns I think I see. This is some kind of algo in my study.

BPH- what's next 500 move? A historical OLB hit back in Brexit, two years ago. Are you interested in another BPH Olive? Imo it has to print as some of my clients of a year, are realizing this preaching. It's gotta print this extreme. It made me snap.

Hogs- on next rally everyone will be convinced it's not real, scale up sell would be typical characteristic of olive victims. Client's working buys lower. I will only have buys if catchin knives. Don't touch the blade (Mute the News).

Like Cattle last year, for bulls news kept them out? Look, if you've been reading over last two years you can also see how one person can't trade every stock and commodity. I can put this in front of clients. Ahead of time like today.I like buying hog olives, LHQ diamond pattern is live on close.

Need to consult 30 minutes? Call and leave mess.

You saw my prev meat chart posted, that has about 30 charts on each page. In-depth levels in hundreds of markets. What happens if beans lose to corn? Meal to BO? Oilshare anyone? I cover that if you trade ratio' spreads. I never deviate in ratio. It's bad and I have explained why its just like fundamentals. That's how mkts get leveraged. 8 BO against 2 meal?

It was nuts but that was what the trade one year. BO now at one year highs off my 27.30 front BO

BON OLB 28.30 sloppy OLB for months.Sell 31.50 OLS w .25c stop if bearish. That accumulation I teach student clients. Like yesterday in stocks was DISTRIBUTION. Everyone is bullish stocks now. This is, might, probably, a top. Let's talk or email for a link. I think big guys selling. Spu 2684.75 is 2levels.

Oilshare anyone? What if meal tanks? No way?

Consider a Technical Analysis futures account with me? Hedge Fundamental's?

Expect the Unexpected Speculators

Stocks- I think my green sell EP Spus 2738.00 is, or might be high tick. I mentioned this yesterday, got excited yesterday. Can we make new lows? Yes. Last 2 days highs, NOT other indices. Stop over. I say always use risk stops. Ok if your trading S C W paint drying.

Wheat yest was that TL not to buy unless it closed over. Here is a S&P chart, no hogs under lockdown. Not fair to clients. This chart has a story, the Green sell line here was born in 1987. WE actually missed by 5 ticks. Twice.

SPUs 2738 1st Day of Bear?

Do not extrapolate your thoughts, my comment in something else you, think is better value. Feel free to fade me always.

My team consists of other Pro traders that supply market color to me, you might not get. A floor broker told me Corn option trades being canceled, showed my pik. Im speechless and its electronic?

Open a third futures account here at High ground in CBOE bldg. with me.

It's your money. I do not make trades for you.

I educationally talk the chart patterns and my levels. High in Spus last two days. 1st day of BAD BREATH wed..

I will be posting less as we get busy but if you want to trade with a Pro ?

1987? Yeah it's a teaser. But?

You make the call

Or not.

I'm the trade idea guy with the levels I put up against the best.

Conference calls are going on daily for clients and serious potential's. Give up business welcome.

Olive algo is live in stocks.

Short dated option plays? I proclaim to specialize in these situations since my days at Tudor. Speaking of, enough.

I remember those 3 horizontal closes and my green line born in 1987.

Breath was weak yest, but Notice if we claw back the 3rd day, today if this plays.

and fall apart in weeks. I think big player been selling last 2 days,

TV says 200 ma is 2742. Mine is 2754, also another possible OLS off swandive.

I will send the hogs page again.

BON has an OLS 3150. No comment and meal looks like it could bust lower. Nobody looking for that is my opinion.

SH 915 is, monthly.

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