USDA- Lets Clean The Order Decks
Alan Palmer of - - Thu Jul 11, 9:37AM CDT


All rumors and USDA lies that confounded the pencil pusher USDA followers,

Opinions levels, and one-way patterns that rip your face off in nano nonoseconds. cRUDE

For those wounded in last 2 weeks,

I would say scale buy lower small size. Even when you trade 1 lots you still have to look for good trades.

Risk 2c sometimes less, 431.5?

Make 10c.

That is money management YOU NEED TO LEARN. Seriously guys.

If you dont have that?

A $20k winner turns $15k loser.

Momentum crowd thrives on that. Squeezing YOU OUT. Look at latest lumber charts.

Gap Open rules?

Crude- when mkt vertical you need an Olive. Join today and maybe catch this crude pick a top trade.

Trade war has FED EASING NOW?

Stocks at all time highs,

So we slowing but crude up huge?

Just look for $2k scalps.

I do have crude levels I Like. How high? Oh yeah pot stock hit OLB.

Not winning a war being long corn forever ( a lie making a point as 3 months to me is forever)

I'm thinking hogs and a 2500 point break they fed you up by my HEG 90.50 OLS. Front months broke more of course. That's how they steal it.

Pump up spreads, then tattoo-ing.

Buy RT LT TL hogs lower or subscribe and get levels delivered Now.

Hogs- which month do we want to be long? That was obvious how lhg got spanked and closed lower!

LHQ superstar that you are.

Madonna. What happened to her?

That's experience that I think you can learn, or should from a Pit Pro.

Hogs and LC had LT TLs by highs, some small OLS signals. You can call or email if you want to get email priority chart level service. Saw buck a day but feel free to trade blindly in 10% hog moves fast.

Double I kiss you more.

Custom your products available in private.

Money ideas are hidden in spreads and you can trade much bigger, margin less?

Corn- 431.5 cited and was a nice scalp PRE USDA. Nice nickel dime scalps pre limit up move in Corn today? 4.21, all the way down and 4.10 bid 1000.?

Expect Unexpected HFT info after report.

Im convinced all farmers think, describe to me that they are going to always get stopped out on worst tick.

Crude shorts? Buy stops over

I was Professional STOP SEARCHER on Trading floor.

Its public but let me venture off here that you take any service I provide and you will be impressed with stop location.

I say stick in offers if long in hole.

I do not know weather, if it matters.

I think you trade price at my LT TLs

CLQ Stiff6100

Longterm trendlines. Sell stop 4.295?

Buy the bleep out of it

My levels or lines lower.

NatGas over LT TL btw.

Beans- it might be story in future, no feel levels working 9q0, 893,

888 and another bit lower small OLBs.

Gold- buy macro TLs lower.

Dairy has some big levels live.

Give me a jingle after grains close, or 5-6pm ish Chgo time. I'm 24-7 trading for right guys.

Use stop to control the risk.

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