March To Come In Like A Lion…
Andrew Hecht of Dynamic Commodities - - Thu Jul 25, 7:35AM CDT

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March can be a wild month when it comes to the weather. There is an old saying; March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. March of 2019 could be a month where a lion may not be a ferocious enough beast when it comes to the potential for market volatility.

Recently, the Financial Times of London wrote of March Madness, and they were not talking about college basketball.


Thursday, markets got a taste of what is coming at us in the month ahead.




If the schedule for March is any indication, we could see a return of the trading conditions from the final quarter of 2018. The brackets for basketball are still not ready, but the Market March Madness is staring us in the face


I will be watching lots of basketball in March, but my attention will be on the markets as a return to late 2018 conditions could be on the horizon. 

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