Hogs Accelerate,
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All rumors opinions, news and not, ideas in todays futures market.

Stocks? FC LH ? PAH OLS BON 3150? Meal big level 306-ish is two levels. Watch out under

Hogs 100% live, going different ways as they are spanking stubborn longs the way I see it. Thanks Josh for tidbit. Bear Press is on. Bring it on. Auggy?

Aug Live has OLSs around here. LCJ- I wouldnt sell it with your money.

1 cent flippant trade.
$5.10. BID WH
1 CENT STOP. Yikes, KC now almost under 2 years of.

Milk Mch 14.18 is 2 levels.

COTTON- NOTICE TODAY AGAIN IS THAT DOWNSLOPER TRENDLINE, TL. Is Algo buying every hit on line? Its off top.

Palladium small OLS hit, it was mentioned on conference call two days early. Olive lines are extremes.

Ok, coming from the trading floor I feel I add a different look here, for clients of which most are rural.

A few new call-in's ask questions and it seems a good time to answer publicly.

You don't have time but would like to spend more time on trading?

Ok, I like to offer for free now using "smart orders."

This would go like this. You tell me your axe to grind. If your bullish or bearish or both, different months in say hogs. I would suggest my levels to say scale down since this crowd is not traders like I know. Good levels in panic to accumulate.

So I have about 8 #'s in April, June and August. All are different. I say play all.

Some patterns live down, post diamond so selling may be,

Then I say do you want to bang it' for $ ?? minimum. Risk $200.

I put these moves I gave the past week in LH and FC. Both hit. One back down, one not.

That's good in itself. I have rules for your profile. The shrink coach mentor program powwow.

This was a standard in CBOT clearing firms for young traders. I like to teach I have found out along with the passion for catching next move.

Hedge Fund need brains? inquire.

So you would take a $1200profit if you sold against the green. An OLB Nasdog algo play of mine recently in two dozen stocks and commodities, futures.

Stock indices are my specialty as old Dow Trader. Guy who stood next to me who one time I laced him up on 200 Dow on a spike up to the 200day MA and he bid for 200. All Ego but in good way too.

He turned to me $40lower and said,



He tells me the 10,000 lot trades now in Spus and nasd100. Hey big guys, I can give you bang for spec buck in this field. Your opinion My levels.


Anyway you risked $200in meats and made a multiple. FC up 400 to high tick! My measure and it makes cents.

Not here to make sense but cents that add up if you take big profits and don't be greedy.

You greedy Boy you.


So I add that and you just agree to buy at these extremes or TLs lines ( in spu and Dow Thur off last year) Jan Feb ordeal when they blew the VIX guys out. I was on that for clients.

Long term guys welcome.

Let's take a whack at portfolio alternative investing. I can say long term.

I just can't trade like that. A typical Local as we were called.

Did stocks just do both sides of what PTJ said in Dec?

If you said back in Nov I sent out olive sell extremes in the hog back month.s.


Those guys sold hogs to you good ol boys. I offer to help you not be Goldy hood ornament like HOGS NOW diamonds down, condition live.

Would you swallow that kind of medicine?

Or how about load the boat lower in hogs at extreme olive spikes blowing longs out?

We would put those in early to get exposure. You need to buy at better levels. My gosh, some of you guys are out what? $15.00?

That's how your going to make money in trading?

Against Data Scientist's that we can differentiate? Indian vs Asian HFT programmer s?. I feel I add value by offering high-power computing to clients with some common sense rules from decades of trading.

Lose the attitude. Yeah you were right on Lumber but?. It was just over old high that was suicidal, like PA last month. Get some common sense from someone who has slowed down and smells the roses, strike that.


I said this is the biggest markets coming next years.

Expect the Unexpected OR

Use a stop and forget about learning how to trade.

Another futures account for the accident s waiting to happen,

Around the Globe Trading Opportunities. Hi Impact

Best of Trading to You,

Alan Palmer

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