Gold News: China’s Rising Market Importance
Mike Hammer of The Gold Enthusiast - - Thu Oct 18, 9:48AM CDT
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China continues to  in the world gold market. There is now evidence that China’s business world uses gold as an asset and probably as a currency. For example, did you know Chinese insurance companies hold $2 TRILLION USD of gold? That’s a right pile there. When you’re holding that much of any asset, the question is always: What do you do with it?

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Today’s featured article talks about the rising importance of China in the world gold market, and the creation of a China Chapter within the WGC to make sure Chinese gold companies are heard, understood, and represented well.  Small steps add up to big results. What do you think? Is China now a major player in the global gold market?  Or, is this all just posturing?  Sound off in the Comments below.

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